Consultation Fee Guide

After Hours Doctor Hobart is a private-billing practice.

For patients seeking a face-to-face consult, our after-hours GPs charge a private fee if an appointment is booked with them. The Medicare rebate is claimed through the terminal at the date of service.

Fees start from $120.00, and will differ depending on the time of day, duration spent with the doctor, and the complexity of your health needs.

Telehealth consultations in the after-hours period attract a $99.75 flat fee. In accordance with Medicare telehealth guidelines, this fee is non-rebatable. 


*All fees are payable at the time of consultation.

Additional Fees

Treatment Room Fees

Patients that require a procedure, such as a dressing, biopsy or a plaster cast, may incur a treatment room fee. This is not covered by Medicare and is an out of pocket expense. Your doctor will discuss the fee with you when the procedure is being arranged.

Failure to Attend Fees

Failure to attend an appointment with one of our GPs will attract a fee of $50.00. Please allow at least 2 hours when cancelling appointments. We understand that this is not always possible due to unexpected circumstances. Please call our reception on 1800 252 436 option 1 as soon as possible to discuss a cancelled or missed appointment.